Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm not sure if being really interested in this makes me a nerd, but if it does, well then, break out the pocket protectors!

Josh's words, on recommending the video above:

In the article about the particle accelerator in the [New Yorker] (maybe a month ago or so), one of the physicists was talking about how the world of physics is interconnected, i.e. the same force that makes an apple fall from a tree holds the moon in orbit. I couldn't help think about this when I saw the photosynth technology. The idea of a collective of images creating a comprehensive reality in cyberspace seems strikingly similar to the value of perspective taking in the postmodern, relativist thinker. In essence, as more perspectives emerge the metaphorical building of reality is viewed with greater clarity. Moreover, a relativist would appreciate the egalitarian value each image is given.
And my response:
I love the concept of so many pictures (literally, perspectives) being linked to each other in a meaningful way. I've long said that one way of thinking about knowledge, capital K, is as an infinite series of interrelated perspectives (though one would have to include temporal as well as spatial). Granted, it's a rather negative view of knowledge, as true knowledge would require, essentially, omniscience and omnipresence, etc. What i love about this project is that it opens the door for people to start thinking about the ways to bridge the gap between godlike knowledge and finite, human-style functional knowledge. Of course, the amount of information with a project like that quickly becomes so massive as to become nearly useless to the individual, so I'm already excited to see what kind of technological and social tools are put in place to help bring it to a manageable scale.

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