Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome, Intro, and a Classic

Welcome to Mlog, my new(est) blog (which, for future reference, you will be able to find at both one probably by the 15th--and

Operations on my three previous blogs have all but universally ceased, and I think that's for the best. Life is offering me (or rather, I am carving from the day's short hours) very little time for cleverly compartmentalized niche blogging, so I'm changing my order to à la carte, more or less. The difference being, of course, that my selections of blogging material will not be limited to any silly French cards. The world is my "carte", as it were.

On to other matters: my wife recently bemoaned the cessation of a particular feature of a now defunct blog of mine. Because I'm a nice guy, I thought I'd use this blog to bring the feature back to life. Sadly, no recently coined Lis-isms spring to mind, so here's a classic, to start this blog off right:

“You’ll be able to picture it when you see it.”
There, that just about wraps up a solid first post. Check back for more of my wife's incredible insights, and plenty of other... things. (I knew I should have stopped with the previous paragraph.) And while you're online, be sure to check out of Lisa or myself, and friends, spread the word!

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