Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 Things I Think

1. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I still think lists are somewhat bothersome. Still, since I'm just as rotten with perfection as the next guy, I do find they can be useful from time to time.

2. Children thrive on structure, but I think many adults (myself included) seem to enjoy perpetuating the sense that such rigidity of life is entirely distasteful. I think we learn from TV and movies, from the "stars", from the pundits, from the LOUDEST VOICES, that life is about the here and now, that life is organic and therefore above our silly attempts to name and contain it. There's some truth there, to be sure, but as we get older (at least, as I get older), it becomes apparent that success, almost any way you define it, follows those who recognize the challenges and obstacles and plan accordingly. I think structure, though less than perfect and easily abused, sure beats the alternative (ok, so that's not exactly the opposite of what I'm talking about here, but I just had to link to something).

I think, perhaps, structure is difficult for a reason.

3. I think the sermon I heard this Sunday, entitled "True Christianity" and delivered by a layman, was fantastic and sobering. I think that if this passage doesn't make you think, nothing will. I think Christianity is a terrifically difficult proposition, also for a reason, and I think I've got lots of work to do.

I think, perhaps, rather it's God who has lots of work to do on me.

4. I think cubicles make for depressing landscape.

5. I think connections define the vast majority of life. Family are connections whose importance is second to none. I think I'll be damned if someone tells me my closest friends aren't my family, but blood trumps everything. My small family of man, wife, & child, is priority 1; I think that upon my death, if my marriage was strong and my child(ren) love God, I will know I could have done no better.

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