Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So much time, so little to say

Read somewhere this morning that apparently, some people think bloggers are only good for opinions and news aggregation. That's stupid, so check out these links:

Ha! Just kidding. Seriously, though. Left a comment on Peter's blog in which I said I wasn't sure just where this blog is going, yet. That's definitely true, but I hope my opinions and things I find interesting don't vacate the premises permanently. Also, I'd like to incorporate CommentPress at some point, but we'll see. (Except that there's the whole WordPress problem getting in the way...)

Oh, and there's this.

Ok, one bit of news: Jerry Lewis dropped an f-bomb (no, not that one); let's all run for the hills and await the end times, shall we? Now, I'm not sure if I'm even old enough to remember when such comments weren't met with immediate and public condemnation, but as long as the ACLU & company are "protecting" our rights or whatever it is they think they're doing, I'm going to feel compelled to play devil's advocate and say that pouncing on every little thing like this really means we're losing more than anyone is protecting.

On a lighter note:

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Peter said...

That Wondermark guy is great.

I do like the Buckeye colors on your family page. I know nothing about college football, but I've always thought of the Buckeyes as the college version of "America's team": something about the nickname, the colors, and the clean-cut uniforms. (You can see I'm a real fan!)