Monday, October 22, 2007

Homework & The Red Sux

I'm not a teacher, and I don't know the stats, but I found this article rather engaging. I think of my sister, who teaches 1st grade, and how she's basically required to give homework to 6 year olds (though she keeps it on the slim side, which I love), and I wonder what a 1st grader learns from homework except to not like school a little bit more. Anyway, like I said, I'm not a teacher, and I don't know the stats. I'm just saying, little kids should be outside playing after school, not doing worksheets. Or is it just me?

Guess who's getting link-happy...

Also, I'm pissed about the Red Sux getting to the World Series over my home-state Indians. I suppose the Tribe did what they could, what with knocking off the devil's own team first, but still. I'm a red-blooded American, I guess, so I hate the Yankees like it's going out of style (xkcd), but there's something about that team from Boston that's almost as annoying as The Boss himself. I think we've all gotten over the idea of the Sox as a small-market upstart (thank you, Dice-K, for exposing that one) , but now that the curse has been broken, can't we all just go back to ignoring the Red Sux (except for, of course, when they face the Yankees)? I mean, does anyone else throw up in their mouths a little bit when they think of Manny Ramirez holding up that gawd-awful World Series trophy again?

Go Rockies (er, what?)!

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