Thursday, October 4, 2007

Howling, Unheard, Unhearing

Is anyone awake? I think not.

If anything, this latter-day episode demonstrates how our culture is on auto pilot, that we've become so perfunctorily litigious in the mediation of language and symbols, that the masterpiece "Howl" might as well have been a recipe for pancakes or a wall message from MySpace.
And in the comments:
...the audience in the 50s and into a little bit of the 60s had great talent as an audience, whereas nowadays the audience has virtually none, not even the audience that has a taste for the avant-garde.
Everything's connected, people.
I wouldn't ever say there's censorship in this country. But there's a lot of peer pressure. Because when anybody says anything that's the least bit feather ruffling, everybody just goes nuts. If anybody in this country is forced to undergo a single moment of discomfort, the person who caused it just must go away.

~ Bill Maher, #37
Propaganda isn't just political rhetoric and yellow journalism. It dulls (or at least one effect is to dull) the average citizen to the truth–that is, a more right perspective–and it ripens long after the speeches have ended and the presses have stopped. It trains to violently oppose both the new and unnerving; if possible, it instills disinterest in progress in favor of stagnation. Further along in its evolution, the thinnest skins become normative, and unimportant minutiae of social nicety are attacked, because larger statements against the system are not being made, or, are not being heard–indeed, cannot be heard.

I look around, and I wonder if I'm the only one who knows we're already there.

Go. Read. Think. For yourself.


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