Monday, October 22, 2007

Social Network Binge

I've been on a social network binge, lately. You can see all the networks on which I have a profile to the right (some profiles are clearly more well-worn than others). My point is, for whatever reason, I enjoy trying these things out, if only to see if the interfaces have anything interesting to offer. Most are pretty similar, each with its own fun quirks, but I find I can't actually use more than one at a time with any regularly (or two, if you count my languishing MySpace account, which continually pesters me with friend requests from women/girls who are scantily clad in rooms suspiciously devoid of adequate lighting). I don't know who can keep up with very many of the, to be honest.

Eventually, though, I hope these sorts of networks will cease to be exclusive. My main problem is that it shouldn't be such a huge deal that you can't tote your "friends" from one social network to the other; the goal should be getting all the networks to talk to each other. Think about it this way: when you're comparing email solutions, is it more important to be able to export your contacts to a different service when you change or to be able to send and receive email from anyone & everyone? When are social networks going to catch up?

We're nearing saturation, and the networks are so numerous and diverse that the end result should be obvious: some sort of software/service that gives a person a single identity across the board while allowing the addition of "friends" from any existing network and the ability to utilize any network's features and quirks in a single place. Maybe that's asking a lot, I don't know, I'm not a programmer. I know just enough to think it'll eventually be doable, but I'm guessing not soon enough for me to still care.

Oh, well.

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