Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where's the Good News?

Not (hardly) on CNN. Took a quick survey of the latest stories, and I got a count of 11 to 1, in favor of bad–scratch that–depressing news (I did not count those I found to be relatively neutral).


  1. Top Democrats propose war surtax
  2. Media fight secret probe into mine disaster
  3. Jury awards $11.6M in Knicks harassment case
  4. Blackwater boss defends contractors
  5. U.S. soldier gets 2 years on child porn charges
  6. FBI: $1M heist was inside job
  7. Anita Hill: 'I have to speak out'
  8. Police: Mom suspected of drowning girls
  9. Cops charge kids with stealing final exams
  10. Video shows cop punch cuffed suspect
  11. Teachers put noose on tiny girl at recess
  1. Blind man sees wife, child for first time

Either there really isn't as much good news, or the media outlets have an ulterior motive/incentive to report vastly negative events & situations. The sad part is, I'm almost not sure which is more right.

Just an observation.

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