Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ex-Tumblr, Etc.

Hopped off the Tumblr wagon today. I have no doubt it can be very useful and interesting, but it would have become, for me, (at least) one too many components in my attempts to organize and understand my socialmedia life.

Written in my Google Notebook yesterday:

What are the pieces of my socialmedia world?


And how do I use/coordinate them all?

Blogger: general(?) blogging. something approaching essays. longer interesting thoughts, with some structure. analysis.
focus: general(?)
Wordpress: literary (Madison Arling) blogging.
focus: literary
Twitter: microblogging. interesting stray thoughts.
focus: thought. right now.
Tumblr: aggregation
focus: bring together content from my other blogs (minus the Blogger). post media (videos, pictures, etc.) that do not necessarily warrant/need fuller accompanying posted material. right now. social bookmarking of sites I may want/need to remember/access (possibly much) later.
focus: ?
Stumbleupon: social bookmarking in a truer sense. developing community of people who are interested in the same sorts of sites I am. (eventually) recommend my own posts.
Facebook: communicate/keep track of people I really do know and who are not near me geographically (for the most part).

It occurs to me that this might all mean the end of's usefulness to me. I like that I can share the most useful of links to my friends (via Facebook and Blogger), but between Google Bookmarks and Stumbleupon, I just don't know if I see myself continuing with it. Is a term yet? It might be for me, and soon.

Further: but is it worth it to drop altogether? I have a number of links there, and the process of transferring them seems at once daunting and not worth the investment of time.

(Emphasis—strikeout—added today)
I decided that the hassle of figuring out how to utilize the aggregational possibilities of Tumblr, on top of figuring out what to do with Tumblr otherwise, just isn't worth it. So scratch that from the list.

The question remains: what do I do about It's a fantastic site, but I don't know what use I have for it anymore. Stumbleupon will surely satisfy my desire to discover new & interesting websites right now that I don't necessarily have to care about later. True, Stumbleupon doesn't have the advanced tagging features that make finding the sites later as easy as it could be with, but when have I actually gone back and found sites I've bookmarked using anyway? The answer is, I haven't, not really. Besides, Google Bookmarks can more than handle that particular task.

If it will not be unusually helpful in finding interesting sites weeks or months from right now, what is the possible use for I can see none. Stumbleupon seems to me a much more intuitive means to discovering new sites, with the added inducement of a like-minded community, and if I want to actually save a site for future use, Google Bookmarks is up to the task.

And what will I do with the bookmarks from Perhaps a quick perusal to make sure I'm saving any I might need, but that account's days are numbered.

Note too the question mark after the "focus:" for Blogger. I think I could safely erase that now, but I won't. I am perfectly at peace with shorter posts here that warrant no deep analysis or explanation. Life is not a serious essay without asides, and neither should be this blog. I leave the question mark, though, because I am convinced I will never be sure what exactly I want to blog about, and that's fine. I'm interested in a lot of things, and so should be this blog.

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