Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Link-Fest

(to be a highly irregular feature)

I am officially hooked on StumbleUpon. Here's the proof.

Two music-related discoveries: musicovery and liveplasma. Don't have the old iPod at work today, but Google Operating System had my back with this post about YouTube, which mentions the two sites in question almost as an aside. I've been listening to musicovery's selections (on "discovery" mode) and learning more about the general sensibilities of unfamiliar bands on liveplasma. Let the good times roll. (Oh, and the YouTube visualization feature for discovering new videos is pretty cool, too.)

Common Errors in English (usage). This guy has the exact right attitude, in my humble opinion. And I'm embarrassed to admit I've always said "for all intensive purposes" (blogged it, too, if memory serves). Oh, and you say it was an historic event? Take that!

Mixx, by the way, has me almost completely weaned off Digg. Go figure.

I guess that's all. It's Friday, and I'm going to see three of my best friends tonight. w00t!

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