Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two Things

I hadn't heard of Kim Stanley Robinson before today, but I like what he has to say about technology and what he calls "natural primate actions" in an extremely lengthy (by blog standards, anyway) interview, which I will likely never finish:

People try to do stupid technological replacements for natural primate actions, but it doesn’t quite give them the buzz that they hoped it would. Even though it looks quite magical, the sense of accomplishment is not there. So they do it again, hoping that the activity, like a drug, will somehow satisfy the urge that it’s supposedly meant to satisfy. But it doesn’t. So they do it more and more – and they fall down a rabbit hole, pursuing a destructive and high carbon-burn activity, when they could just go out for a walk, or plant a garden, or sit down at a table with a friend and drink some coffee and talk for an hour. All of these unboosted, straight-forward primate activities are actually intensely satisfying to the totality of the mind-body that we are.
Also, I discovered the blog Making Light today. The most recent post amuses and disturbs me, and it finishes with this clever observation:
We’ve created a culture in which the stupid are consistently triumphant, and the rest of us just keep our heads down.
Does anyone else find that frighteningly accurate?

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