Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Year in Blogging

As seems to be a common disclaimer amongst those participating—and by that, I mean the two I've noticed so far—I'll point out that I don't usually bother with memes, but I found this an amusing alternative to the next 10 minutes of my job. I first came across this one at Stephen's Lighthouse.

Without further adieu, the first sentence from the first post of each month this year (and for January through May, I'll be using the posts from LaToVP)

my feelings, that's what.

1 LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary?



What spear is this I wield? (link)

Today is small and tired;
the rain, the rain.


NaPoWriMo '07 begins today, & I think I've got it in me.

I have decided to ease off the blogging for a while.

Welcome to Mlog, my new(est) blog (which, for future reference, you will be able to find at both matthew.laffertywhistle.com--that one probably by the 15th--and matthewlafferty.blogspot.com).

I've recently become newly amused by del.icio.us (notice the new addition to the sidebar), and not only because I find the URL frightfully clever.

I'm in the minority, here, I realize that; but honestly, apart from having children--which is all manner of awesome--who eventually learn to care for themselves and converse with you, why on earth would you want something else in the house that eats a lot and poops on the floor and will never learn to say, "don't worry, I'll clean up the feces I just deposited on your pillow"?

I've been away for some time; I've been busy.



Although the Lord has given you
bread of privation
and water of oppression,
HE Your Teacher,
will not hide himself from you. (link)

...the utmost possible novelty would be the difference between me and myself a year ago.

I've always said that I'm a minimalist in theory only, because, you know, I really like

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