Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I don't much care for Valentine's Day. I can't lie. But, I was more than slightly amused by this product of it: My Love is a...

So amused, in fact, that I wrote a poem using a good number of the, uh, completions(?) of that phrase. I was particularly fascinated by one: my love is a yellow hammer. So strange and beautiful, I just couldn't leave it out. I actually really like the poem that resulted, and I'll probably work on it more in the future, but for now I'm calling it a found poem and leaving it at that (though there are the obvious qualifications that I tweaked it some, added/subtracted words here and there, and didn't use all of the completions).

In any event, it was a lot of fun, and I encourage anyone who reads this post and has an interest in poetry to try the same thing. If you do, leave a link to your poem (or the poem itself) in the comments.

I suppose I should lay down this one rule: the completions in your poem should probably come either from the post I've linked to, or from the results of a Google search for "My love is a". that said, go out and find some poetry!

Here's mine:

My love is a black girl
a found poem (source)

My love is a black girl living
in a cramped apartment complex,
my love is a cat suckling
marrow from a ham bone,
my love is a complicated thing.

My love is a contemporary
R&B album, my love is a
dead, dead rose;
my love is a dew drop,
a fair lad, a gift,
my love is a gentle thing.

My love is a good case study,
my love is a kite,
my love is a leopard,
my love is a song
by Paul McCartney & Wings;
my love is a many-splendored thing.

My love is a major reinterpretation
of Shakespeare's sonnets,
my love is a middle of the road album,
my love is a kind of monster,
my love is not a one night stand.

My love is a pearl of light
that grows as the morning grows,
my love is a pink, pink rose.

My love is a rock,
my love is a sailor boy,
my love is a rider, a soloist,
my love is a song & a sigh.

My love is a tree,
my love does not wander,
my love is a world unto itself,
my love is a tribute to tomorrow
even as today goes by.

My love is a yellow hammer.
My love is a tall, tall ship.


Marisa said...

I love it! Thanks for putting this together in such an enchanting way :-)

Marcy said...

My love is like a gourd--
slender waist,
global hips,
earthy, honest, by a fire,
lost among the hay.

That was fun.
Now I should tell you about the gourd that I own.

I own a gourd.
And it reminds me of my love.
It's hollow and preserved-- drilled with a 1-inch hole so birds can burrow in and build a home,
size up their wings
and fly away.
The gourd belly bobbs when they do.

That was nice. Now for the truth:

My love is like the friendly exchange that makes you wish you'd just stayed home--
Like the time I asked the teller at the bank,
"So when is your baby due?!"
But she wasn't having a baby.
Her belly only looked it.

Valerie said...

I think this worked really well, especially the contrast in your ending couplet.