Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Crack at a New Format

Brought to you by the number 320, and the word "Schmuck"

I've always liked the idea of blogging, but I detect somewhere in my thinking a dissatisfaction with a form that, while so promising and so much fun, can easily become a rather static thing (funny how that term has become web2.0-speak for "not good").

Anyway, my thinking about a format has reminded me that among my favorite things about recurring things (be they daily, weekly, every other day, whatever) are the anticipation and the routine itself. That said, I've created (translation: I'm working on, as Blogger is giving me issues with said creation at the moment) a more prominent spot for one to sign up for email delivery of my posts. Working in an office as I do, I realize that for many of us, there's something special about getting that one interesting/amusing email every morning or afternoon, and if that's a better way for one person to enjoy this blog, then mission accomplished.

But back to the task at hand. What follows is a first crack at a new, guiding format. It will likely not stick, but it's a place for me to get my mind going at it, and at the moment, that's about all that counts. (As I'm compiling the content below, I'm struck by the riffy nature of it. I don't know why, but I am. Riffs and Notes, I could call it. Nah, too... too something.)

Here goes nothing.

* * *

On this day in 1859, Thoreau wrote in his journal:

I see a small flock of blackbirds flying over, some rising, others falling,
yet all advancing together, one flock but many birds, some silent, others
tchucking, - incessant alternation. This harmonious movement as in a dance, this
agreeing to differ, makes the charm of the spectacle to me. One bird looks
fractional, naked, like a single thread or ravelling from the web to which it
belongs. Alternation! Alternation! Heaven and hell! Here again in the flight of
a birds, its ricochet motion, is that undulation observed in so many materials,
as in the mackerel sky.

* * *

From the Sporting Bucket

Dan Shanoff proposes a 340-team NCAA Tournament. Not sure how it wouldn't devalue the regular season a bit, but I'm intrigued and amused (but hopeful is nowhere to be found...)

* * *

The News & My Opinion

I know I'm a few days late on this one, but I've just gotta say, Eliot Spitzer is a schmuck. BUT... let's not go all crazy on him. Yes, the irony of white-collar crime's arch nemesis being brought down in a scandal of white-collar crime is delicious. That still doesn't give us the right to drop the hammer like blind monkeys. Assuming he does kind of feel bad about the whole thing, what he needs more than the scorn of a nation is the support of his family and friends, and as a follower of Jesus, I sincerely hope he's getting it. He's at rock-bottom, people; how about we let that be punishment enough (aside from actual punishment, of course, should there be legal repercussions)?

And can we all just stop being shocked and disappointed when politicians, you know, mire themselves in scandal? The people work in a system that seems designed for schmucks to get ahead, so we really shouldn't be surprised each time we discover that yet another politician is, you guessed it, a schmuck.

(That'll be all the preachifyin' for today, folks, don't worry.)

* * *

I Like Webcomics

Cat and Girl: Trinity

* * *

Interesting thing from My Google Reader that May Only Interest Me

Texting Generation Gap @ NY Times (via Library Link of the Day). Again, not exactly a recent idea, or even very unusually insightful, but I found it thought-provoking as a parent (of almost two!)

* * *

Video(s) that May Interest Only Me
Today's subject: Crispin Glover is (I think) both very intelligent and possibly insane.

I imagine it is, as Paul astutely observes, basically a conceptual piece, which I find interesting, if incredibly bizarre. Regardless, here is Glover (kind of approaching) offering an explanation of the above:

And this is just way out there (though I haven't managed to get the goofy theme out of my head all day:

(By the way, note that Mr. Farr is seemingly identical to the character that appeared on Letterman in 1987 in the first clip, which is several years before the creation of this video. I don't care enough to explore that more, I just found it interesting & odd.

UPDATE: Mr. (Rubin) Farr is apparently a character Glover played in this movie. So there you go.)

As you were.

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