Monday, March 31, 2008

Lists & Links: 101 Websites, 100 Books, and BookMooch

Just when I thought to myself, well, I suppose I should buckle down and focus on this afternoon's work, just when I'd approached that mythic uphoria of a distraction-free mind, I saw this:

The 101 Most Useful Websites (via iLibrarian)

Clearly, this is not a list to even think about reading if you have things to do and are remotely interested/amused by internetty things. Rather UK-centric, but still a good list.

and this:

The Top 100 EBooks Yesterday [at Project Gutenberg] (via Stephen's Lighthouse)

I find it vaguely frightening that yesterday's (3/30) 2nd most popular EBook was Manual of Surgery Volume First: General Surgery. Sixth Edition. I will accept any explanation that makes it less frightening. Anyone?

I've known about BookMooch for quite some time, now. I have yet to convince myself to dive in, and here's why: I love books, and I love owning them. The tiny Thoreau in my brain is agitated by my staunch biblio-narcissistic materialism, but I can't help it. The thing is, I cannot (yet) bring myself to give away my books. I've put a lot of myself into choosing them, and quite frankly, mailing them away to strangers seems a disconcerting and painful proposition.

That said, I hope to get there. Soon.

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