Friday, March 14, 2008

Riffs & Notes | 3.14

(Second crack at the new format. Mostly small tweaks.)

On this day in 1860, Thoreau wrote in his journal:

No sooner has the ice of Walden melted than the wind begins to play in dark ripples over the surface of the virgin water. It is affecting to see nature so tender, however old, and wearing none of the wrinkles of age. Ice dissolved is the next moment as perfect water as if it had been melted a million years. To see that which was lately so hard and immovable now so soft and impressible! What if our moods could dissolve thus completely? It is like a flush of life to a cheek that was dead.
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From the Sporting Bucket

Bob Costas Things I'm a Loser (again, via Dan Shanoff). Seriously, Bob? Let's keep it above the belt and within reason, huh?

Also, I may have mentioned this before, but MLB Poetry Previews are where it's at (unlike the phrase "where it's at"). I was reminded today of its awesomeness and simply want to pass on a very clever combination of two of my favorite things: poetry and baseball.

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The News & My Opinion

Let's be clear: this is not news. A woman in my office came in this morning all worked up about hearing something about Heather Locklear and "suicide" and I had to stifle laughter. I cannot understand the fascination with celebrities. Yes, some of them are very down-to-earth and decent people, but most celebrities just want us to gawk at them, which is just sad. As a general rule, they should all be beneath the attention of just about everyone. (Oh, and I realize this probably wasn't Locklear's fault, and I've got no beef with her; this just brought the subject to my mind, is all.)

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Wondermark #390: A Reasonable Solution

xkcd: The Ring

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Thing(s) from my Google Reader that May Interest Only Me

Solar Tower, Anyone? (via Jetson Green)

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Video(s) that May Interest Only Me

Today's Subject: More Crispin Glover, because I'm not sure if I think he's cool or a train wreck, away from which I cannot look.

As you were.

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