Monday, March 17, 2008

Riffs & Notes | 3.17

On this day in 1852, Thoreau wrote in his journal:

I catch myself philosophizing most abstractly when first returning to consciousness in the night or morning. I make the truest observations and distinctions then, when the will is yet wholly asleep and the mind works like a machine without friction. I am conscious of having, in my sleep, transcended the limits of the individual, and made observations and carried on conversations which in my waking hours I can neither recall nor appreciate. As if in sleep our individual fell into the infinite mind, and at the moment of awakening we found ourselves on the confines of the latter. On awakening we resume our enterprise, take up our bodies and become limited mind again. We meet and converse with those bodies which we have previously animated. There is a moment in the dawn, when the darkness of the night is dissipated and before the exhalations of the day commence to rise, when we see things more truly than at any other time. The light is more trustworthy, since our senses are purer and the atmosphere is less gross. By afternoon all objects are seen in mirage.
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From the Sporting Bucket

It's Bracket-Time! Print it out! Fill it out! Pester your coworkers! March Madness is upon us!

And don't let anyone tell you the tournament isn't the greatest postseason in all of sports. That kind of talk requires a swift reply of fist-to-face.
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The News & My Opinion

I don't care about St. Patrick's Day. I can't help it, I just don't. I'm not Irish, I don't drink, and I have no particular affinity for the color green. I think I need a shirt that says all of that so I don't have to keep explaining myself every year.

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Dinosaur Comics: The Amazing Story of Edward S. Curtis

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Thing(s) from my Google Reader that May Interest Only Me

Ten Sites for Finding Wonderful Things (via iLibrarian)

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Video(s) that May Interest Only Me

Today's Subject: Tiger Woods. Seriously, he may never lose again.

As you were.

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