Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April's Fool

Here's the thing: I'm kind of gullible.

I totally fell for Google's Gmail Custom Time this morning (though in the spirit of trying to justify myself, I made a comment about it to someone right after I read it, and that person promptly said "April Fool's!", so I didn't allow for much sinking-in time). I think I fell for it partially because I really liked this post at Google Blogoscoped: "Undo" When Sending Email. It's a good idea, you've got to admit, but it planted in my brain the idea of messing with email & timestamps and what not.

Mostly, though, it's because I'm gullible.

But that's not what irritates me about April Fool's Day. I'm 25, so I've had plenty of practice hiding my gullibility, and one day of risked exposure is ok by me. What irritates me about April Fool's Day is that because I work in a gray cubicle, I rely heavily on the internet to provide me with interesting things to think about, and I know that today, the most interesting things I read will not be true. How do I put it... GAH!

So, today, instead of mining for new bits of interest, I've been reading things like this:

Terrelle Pryor Arrested!
"Stuff White People Like" Bought By Target
Evangelicalism to Get Its Own Pope
and of course, Google April Fool's Jokes Galore!

I think I'll go play around with my fantasy baseball team (who got ARod again this year? That's right: I did) and wait for tomorrow, when actual stuff will actually happen.

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