Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome to the Modern World

I am a fan of Cat and Girl; I love the acerbic wit, the razor-sharp jabs. I love that the comic, on the whole, seems something dredged from deep in the bowels of the postmodern beast, dripping with dissociation and dissatisfaction.

(Too, I am aware that my last post bemoans the omnipresence of the counter-cultural, dissociated, and dissatisfied; just as I maintain a stance of pointing toward the precariousness of that ubiquity, I maintain the stance that it can still be funny, and that there are still things worth countering)

In particular, I loved today's strip. This about sums it up:

Now, I must disagree with the idea that there is neither power nor truth in the world. Beyond that, though, I have two questions, in what may be an overly serious response to a comic strip:

1. Does anyone still think a good definition for "artist" still exists? If so, how does it jive with the antiquated definition presented here? Does it? Can it?

2. So far as I may be so allowed to think I might be an artist (whatever that makes me), does it make me a worse one for kind of agreeing with her sentiment?


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